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Parent and Player Code of Conduct

Junior Tigers, Greater Bay Lions, China Hockey Group.

Parent and Player Code of Conduct

As a member of the Junior Tigers, Greater Bay Lions or China Hockey Group. players and parents acknowledge and agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct during the 2024 - 2025 season:

Player Commitment:

  1. Respect: I will treat coaches, teammates, opponents, referees, and all others involved in the game with respect, both on and off the ice.

  2. Attendance: I understand the importance of attending all team practices, games, and related events. If I cannot attend, I will inform the coaching staff at least one day in advance.

  3. Effort: I will give my best during practices and games and actively participate in team activities. I understand that a lack of Commitment and effort will have consequences.

  4. Sportsmanship: I will uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship, displaying good behavior and fair play at all times.

  5. Team Unity: I will work collaboratively with my teammates and support a positive team environment.

Off-Ice Conduct:

  1. Academic Commitment: I understand the importance of balancing academics and athletics responsibilities.

  2. Behavior: I will represent Junior Tigers with dignity and pride, both in and out of uniform. I understand that my actions will reflect on the whole organization, and I treat everyone from the rink staff to the team owners with respect.

  3. Social Media: I will use social media responsibly, refraining from any negative or inappropriate comments about teammates, coaches, opponents, or the organization.


  1. Coach's Authority: I acknowledge that the coaching staff has the Authority to make decisions regarding team strategy, playing time, and other related matters. I will respect and abide by their decisions.

  2. Consequences: I understand that any violation of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to reduced playing or practice time, suspension, or dismissal from the team.

Parent/Guardian Commitment:

  1. Support: I will support my child in their Commitment to the team and encourage a positive and respectful attitude.

  2. Communication: I will communicate with the coaching staff respectfully and promptly regarding any concerns or issues.

  3. Attendance: I will ensure my child attends all team activities and inform the coaching staff at least one day in advance if my child cannot attend.

Uniform and Equipment Responsibility:

I understand that as a player, I am responsible for taking care of the team uniform and equipment provided to me. Any loss or damage due to negligence may result in replacement costs being charged.

Team Finances:

I acknowledge that team fees or expenses may be associated with the season. I agree to fulfill any financial obligations promptly and communicate with the team management regarding any difficulties or concerns.

Travel and Accommodation:

I commit to the following team travel and accommodation arrangements for away games or tournaments requiring travel. I will adhere to team schedules, curfews, and any additional guidelines set by the coaching staff.

Health and Wellness:

I understand the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health throughout the season. Any medical concerns or conditions that may affect my performance or participation will be promptly communicated to the coaching staff.

Photography and Media Consent:

I grant permission for the use of photographs or media content featuring me or my child for promotional, educational, or informational purposes related to to the Junior Tigers Ice Hockey program.

Conflict Resolution:

In the event of any conflicts or disputes, I agree to follow the team's established conflict resolution process, which may involve communication with the coaching staff or team management.

Continuous Improvement:

I commit to continuous improvement as a player and will actively seek feedback from coaches to enhance my skills and contribute positively to the team.

Communication Channels:

I acknowledge that communication within the team is crucial. Regular updates, announcements, and important information will be communicated through team meetings, emails, or other designated channels. I agree to stay informed and actively participate in team communications.

Inclusivity and Respect for Diversity:

I commit to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment within the team. I will treat all teammates, coaches, and individuals associated with the program with respect, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, or any other characteristic.

Drug and Alcohol Policy:

I understand and agree to abide by the team's strict policy regarding the use of drugs and alcohol. Any violation of this policy may result in severe consequences, including suspension or dismissal from the team.

Anti-Bullying and Harassment:

I commit to maintaining a positive and supportive atmosphere within the team. I will not engage in any form of bullying, harassment, or discriminatory behavior. I understand that such actions are strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary actions.


I understand that by joining a Junior Tigers, Greater Bay Lions or China Hockey Group training program or league, I acknowledge and agree to the Code of Conduct outlined above. I confirm that I have discussed the contents of this code of conduct with my child (if applicable) and that we are both committed to upholding the values and expectations set forth. I recognize the importance of commitment, respect, and accountability in fostering a positive and successful hockey season for both players and parents.


The code of conduct is a living document, subject to periodic review and updates. Any changes will be communicated to all parties involved promptly. Your commitment to the principles outlined in this contract is crucial for the success and positive culture of the Junior Tigers, Greater Bay Lions or China Hockey Group programs and leagues.

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